Monday, April 18, 2011

Exciting Invite Coming Soon and a sweet 6 year old

I have been working on something really exciting (with a little help from my friend) and I am going to share it with you all really soon.   Those of you that are on my Craft Mailing List have already received your invitation and have first dibs at choosing to join in.  If you would like to join that mailing list, then please email me and I am only too happy to add you to it.  You will then be first to know about all my workshops, events and happenings. But more about that in the next day or so.

Yesterday most of my family went off to the football and I was left home (happily) with my littlest guy.  He perched himself up beside me at my craft table and we got busy.  I promised him I would share his creation here on my blog (he was beside himself with happiness as I photographed it, knowing that it was going on "the internet").  So here it is:

Pretty cute for a 6 year old I think.  Don't you?

Thanks for stopping by and keep your eye on her for an announcement soon.


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