Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favourite Photo.....

this is one of mine!  I read Jessica Sprague's blog today and she asked the question "What is your FAVOURITE photo and why?"  As you all would know, that is a seriously HARD question for a scrapbooker and lover of photography.  But I have to say, this photo is THE one that immediately came to mind.  I have always loved this photo and it was taken back in 2006 when my last little boy was just a toddler.  
This photo is a favourite because it represents what scrapbooking is to me.  I didn't growl about my baby playing in the mud and getting dirty (I am not terribly fond of dirty children - Mmmm, and I have three boys!  I am in trouble aren't I!!!) but I immediately went and got my camera and proceeded to take approx. 180 photos of this very moment.  Because that is what it is all about, remembering the moments!  Even if they are dirty ones :D

And this photo is pretty cute too!  Look at that twinkle in the eyes.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My lovable boy

Just a quick share today.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Spreading the love.....

This week has been a major creative high.  The ideas just keep coming and coming and I can't seem to get my hands going as fast as my head.  Ever felt like that?

Here are some cards to share with you:

Will share some more over the weekend.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Venturing into Etsy

Do you know about Etsy?  

It is a wonderful place where people like me and you can buy and sell all things handcrafted.  Different to Ebay in that everything needs to be craft related or vintage craft related.  Mmm, kinda like heaven!

Well, I have ventured into the world of Etsy with my own Etsy Store.  I am making so many cards lately because my creative spark has gone into overdrive and I need to off load some - hence the market this weekend.  This is a way for me to get my papercrafts out there to the big wide world.  Gulp!  Here are the first cards I have put in my 'shop':
Head on over HERE to take a look at my store and maybe venture into some others.  If you click on my Favourites under my profile and then Favourite Sellers, you can see who I like and am inspired by.  It's a fun place, give it a go.  And if you happen to like any of mine, be sure to snap them up - it sure would make my day!! :)

Bye for now,
Alex Hughes

Friday, February 6, 2009

All you need is.......

and I love this little frame.  I have made it for the market next week but I am not so sure it will make it out the door!

And here is a card I made for my Mum to give to her friends daughter.  Love making girlie things.
Bye for now
Alex Hughes

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Terrigal Markets

I have decided to hold a stall at the Terrigal Markets this month.  It is on Valentines day, so that is less than two weeks to create a stall full of papercrafted goodies to sell.  Now the kids are back to school I am finding more time to do so.  And loving it!!  Here are some of the cards I have been making:

Phew, I have been rather busy :)

Will be back to show you some more later.  These are all available for purchase at the Terrigal Markets on February 14th if you are local (they are held at the Terrigal Primary School).  Or if you would like to purchase any before then please email me at and let me know.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Take up the Challenge

I have always wanted to try out sketch challenges and colour challenges that people put up on their blogs but never seem to get around to it.  I did do a couple of Kristina Werners and had fun doing them.  But NEVER have I been sooo inspired as I am with the challenge on my favourite blog - Lilybean's Paperie.  Melissa Phillips is giving away the most GORGEOUS bag and asking for you to post cards inspired by the bag.  Honestly, it is taking me far longer to get this on my blog than it took to create it.  Immediate inspiration!  Here is the bag from Jillie Willie:

And here is my full card:
Really, really bright I know.  But I like it.  The pattern and colours of the bag just seem to work really well.

Thanks for stopping by, don't be shy and leave a comment if you like (I'd love to come and visit your blog!).