Monday, July 23, 2007

Here's my Boy

Achieved the impossible. My mission this weekend was to take a good photo of Jackson. 457 photos later and I really like this one. Yes, I took 457 photos in one day. Yay for digital photography.

I have applied the OptikVerve Lab 'Glamour' filter to this one.

The image is found!

This would have to be my favourite place to watch. The company is The Image is Found and they are an American couple who take absolutely stunning photography. This is their blog and I just LOVE IT!! How fantastic would it be to take photos like this:

And as they take wedding photos, they have this 'trademark' you could say, where they take a photo of the rings with something quirky. Like this:This photo won gold for the ceremony category in wedding photojournalist assosciation and you can see why:
Love their work and find it inspirational.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Good idea, no motivation

Well this turned out to be a bit of a dud idea. Can't seem to fit the whole idea of photographing someone else idea into my life at the moment. And over at Her Space, My Space they have gone on holidays.

So, here's my new idea. Alley Space is now going to be where I put all my photos that I have taken that I LOVE. And to journal links to places about photography that I like. And also to showcase my Scrapbooking Pages.......Alley Space is going to be all about the things that are in 'my space'.

Here are today's entries:
These were taken on the weekend when we went on our bush walk at Katandra Reserve. I am finding it really difficult to get a good photo of Jackson at the moment. That will be my photography mission this week! Go Photograph!!