Monday, December 3, 2007

Photo Shoot Fun

I had a friend come over last week to have some photos taken of her beautiful baby girl. While Kylie takes great photos herself, it is really hard to organise a baby and take the photo. So she enlisted my help (which I was stoked about) and we had some fun for several hours.
She was such a good baby. So many outfit changes and position changes and Ellie handled it beautifully. I love the fabric in these next photos.
I have five different designs in the fabric and even took photos of the boys on some of them.
I would love to do a photography course in the near future. I can't believe how much I enjoy it. It was great fun doing it with Kylie, because she 'gets it'. Having her into it as much as I was made it really easy to chop and change settings etc. Here is the beautiful Elizabeth again after we got her to sleep. Kylie really wanted one of her on her tummy, which we got eventually but it took ALOT of work....that girl doesn't like her tummy!
Can't wait until she is sitting up now. Will steal her away for another shoot!