Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretty Sparkling Drinks

No scrapbooking today!  Lately I have been searching for photos for scrapbooking projects and I have been horrified to find that each month has very little to offer.  What have I been doing lately??  I seem to have put my camera away for twenty-eleven and let life slip by with no photographic memory.  Arghhhhhh, where has the woman I know gone????????  So this weekend I got out my camera and snapped away at just about anything.  So I am going to share some of them here instead of scrapbooking.  And then maybe I can scrapbook the photos at a later date...................and share them again that way!!  LOL.

For lunch on Sunday we had a simple sausage sizzle and some sparkling drinks (just plain old cordial with a bit of soda water, really easy but fun).  And when I sat them down on the outdoor table for the kids I loved how the sunlight shone through the acrylic.  Pretty Sparkling Drinks!!

They were gorgeous!

And my cuties, taking a drink.  They are gorgeous too!

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