Monday, July 18, 2011

Class Schedule Updated - New Tab Above

Ok, so I decided to finally get back into my workshops and stop being on holidays!!  I had my first class at Catchy Crafts last week and realised how much I miss sharing this craft with others.  So I have added a tab up along the top of the blog called "CLASSES" (very obvious really) and here I have listed all my upcoming workshops with details such as location and cost.  Included (where I can) I have put photos so you can see what the projects involve.  Here are some of what is coming up:

Shabby Chic Cards

Fathers Day Projects

and Papillon Tags.

I would love to have you come along to a workshop so if you would like to book in, contact me direct for home workshops ( or 0414 444 150)  or call Catchy Crafts on 9477 4401.


  1. Hi Alex, i was having a look at your class list yesterday and today it's disappeared from the top of your blog, wasn't sure if you are aware of it.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Felicity. All back again now. :)