Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Well, life has been super busy lately and I have been enjoying every minute. So let me catch you up a little. Since attending SIA in Sydney I have been excited to accept the position of Manager at work. Woohoo! It is kind of like a dream come true for me, all these years since having my own home business I have wanted to own a shop. However the position of "MUM" and the availability of funds have always been in the way. So this position gives me the best of both worlds, a hand in helping run a 'smashin' scrapbooking store and no $$$ responsibilites, lol. Plus I am still around after school most days to be with the kids. And I am lovin' it, waking up each morning and thinking about what I am doing that day............well, makes me smile!

Also this job is bringing me some fantastic opportunities. Along with what I have already shared on here, I am getting to go to Chicago in just over a months time for CHA. This is a huge craft trade event where all new scrapbooking products will be released. Super excited about this, and after the trade event we are spending two days in New York shopping. Ahh, so hard (LOL!) So the spending has to stop (soon, I promise) and I need to start saving.

Craft wise I am still busy creating on a daily basis. We are forever getting new product in the store and it is hard not to go home with some. So, enough rabbiting on and I will share some of what I have done lately.

Fancy Pants goodies:

And a card from the left overs.
And this is a page that was done for a challenge at SIA. I failed at the criteria, but enjoyed making the page anyway. The theme was "What If"
Cute little flower detail

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back to share more soon.


  1. So great to hear you are stepping into your dream job!! I remember when you used to come to the Maitland area for the markets and your parties... Good things come to those who are patient, ENJOY

  2. Hey Alex!

    So great to see you as manager at P2S. You are always so positive it's no wonder you were asked to step up. :)

    Looking forward to the class on Fri night.

  3. Good to hear all is working out well ... still envious about CHA!

    :) Marcia