Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photoshop Love & The Nevada Desert

I had a tragedy when I got home from our computer died!!  Now I say it's a tragedy because my computer is like my right arm.  It was very hard to be without it.  The kids little laptop just did not cut it I'm afraid.  LOL.  So after searching and shopping we have finally ended up with a new computer (with a super huge 23"screen that I love) and I purchased the new Photoshop CS6 to install onto it.  HEAVEN.....I have photoshop back again.   So I have been editing some photos from our holiday and thought I would share.

These are from our trip across the Nevada desert, heading back to LA at the end of our holiday.

I love the shilouette of the first one and the rays off the top of the mountains in this last one.  These were all taken while the car was moving, no time for stopping.............we were late to the airport as it was so lucky we didn't stop!!   I kept myself amused on the loooong trip by taking these photos out the window.  I even took some side mirror portraits - please don't judge me! LOL
I will share more as I play with them.  And will have sneak peeks later of my Christmas Wishes workshop for next Thursday (there is only one spot left by the you want to join us??)


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