Monday, April 23, 2012

Cupcake Love

I have had an obsession with cupcakes for a number of years now.  But only recently have I decided that I want to take that obsession further than collecting notebooks with cupcake pictures on them to actually decorating fun cupcakes.  So on Saturday I went off to the Cake Mega Store at Long Jetty to learn how to apply fondant to cupcakes.

We created six cupcakes with a black and white theme.

I went the the lovely Miss Georgina and Miss Debbie, my ever faithful side-kicks!  LOL.

We have so much fun together, lots of laughter.  Here is me with my creations.

And then I came home and quickly piped a whole bunch of cupcakes to take out to our friends place for dinner.  This is what I want to play with next, piping decadent swirls on top of pretty little cakes.  (These were a little sparse as I needed to ice about 40 of them and didn't quite have enough icing to be decadent).
Hmmmm, this is a new obsession I think!!  I will keep you posted.



  1. Wow! Those black/white cupcakes look too good to eat, but your choc swirl ones ..... mmmm I can almost smell/taste them. Helen C