Monday, July 13, 2009

Bitter Sweet

With all the excitement of moving to our new property I completely overlooked how I would feel about leaving this place. Tonight will be Jackson's last night of sleeping at this home. Tomorrow he is off on a holiday to Tasmania with Nanny (scary for me in it's own right) and I realised as he got ready for bed that when he returns he will not be coming back here. Sob!

This is what my little boy looked liked when we moved in back in 2003.
He was three and a half years old and already a big brother to one. And this is when I put him to bed tonight for the last time here, in this house.
Nearly six years between the two photos. Man, that has gone soooo fast. Sigh! Such an emotional time. I am sure I will go through it all again in a few days when the rest of us spend our last night here.



  1. tears! Can't believe how little Jackson was ... and so cute!

    Lots of new memories to be made in the new house = HAPPY memories!!

  2. Hi Alex, Just popping by to say Hi :)
    Hope the move's going well!
    Oh, and I Am looking forward to working with you .. and getting to know you! Yay!