Sunday, February 8, 2009

Venturing into Etsy

Do you know about Etsy?  

It is a wonderful place where people like me and you can buy and sell all things handcrafted.  Different to Ebay in that everything needs to be craft related or vintage craft related.  Mmm, kinda like heaven!

Well, I have ventured into the world of Etsy with my own Etsy Store.  I am making so many cards lately because my creative spark has gone into overdrive and I need to off load some - hence the market this weekend.  This is a way for me to get my papercrafts out there to the big wide world.  Gulp!  Here are the first cards I have put in my 'shop':
Head on over HERE to take a look at my store and maybe venture into some others.  If you click on my Favourites under my profile and then Favourite Sellers, you can see who I like and am inspired by.  It's a fun place, give it a go.  And if you happen to like any of mine, be sure to snap them up - it sure would make my day!! :)

Bye for now,
Alex Hughes


  1. Fabulous cards Alex! The top one is my favourite... love the pink/black colour combo and the use of printed paper.