Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favourite Photo.....

this is one of mine!  I read Jessica Sprague's blog today and she asked the question "What is your FAVOURITE photo and why?"  As you all would know, that is a seriously HARD question for a scrapbooker and lover of photography.  But I have to say, this photo is THE one that immediately came to mind.  I have always loved this photo and it was taken back in 2006 when my last little boy was just a toddler.  
This photo is a favourite because it represents what scrapbooking is to me.  I didn't growl about my baby playing in the mud and getting dirty (I am not terribly fond of dirty children - Mmmm, and I have three boys!  I am in trouble aren't I!!!) but I immediately went and got my camera and proceeded to take approx. 180 photos of this very moment.  Because that is what it is all about, remembering the moments!  Even if they are dirty ones :D

And this photo is pretty cute too!  Look at that twinkle in the eyes.


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