Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mud and Blood Cupcakes

Ok so I know halloween was a little while ago now and the train is heading towards Christmas at an alarming rate.  But I wanted to share these cupcakes with you that I made for the boys.  They are my Mud and Blood cupcakes!!  Bwahahahahahaha.................(that's my evil laugh by the way, can you hear it in your head?!?!).

I started with chocolate mud cakes and holed out the centre.

I used this cute little pink tool that I picked up at Robins Kitchen Store for a bargain.

Then I made a raspberry coulis with frozen raspberries and sugar and added it to the holes (ie. the blood!).

Add some orange frosting and here is what you end up with.  Cheery mud and blood cupcakes!  And they were delicious.
Cute little toppers aren't they?
All these ghouls loved them!
Hmmm, what else can I put inside my cupcakes!


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