Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Inspiration At Home - my secret to share!

Ok, so last post I mentioned a little secret.  Well I am ready to let the cat out of the bag, my paperwork is signed, my stock is on it's way and I am so excited I could w...............well, let's just say I am SUPER excited!!!  I went to a Your Inspiration At Home party last Friday night.  Now what is one of those you ask????  Well here is the speel on their website:

Your Inspiration at Home is dedicated to bringing you our gourmet range of food products and kitchenware including our large range of international spices, dip mixes, oils, meat rubs, coffee syrups, teas and sugars.

 Now I don't love to cook.  BUT I LOVE eating tasty, gourmet style food that doesn't take long to create.  So on Friday night I was BLOWN AWAY by these products.  The dip mixes are to die for!  So much so that I practically chased the Demonstrator around the kitchen trying to find out how to sign up.  And my new business begins!

I know it's not paper, but I love eating as much as I love paper (my clothes size attests to that!!).  And I can't wait to share these products with as many of you as I can, AND how darn easy they are to use to make a gourmet meal at home.  So if you would like to hold a Tasting Party with me to try these fantastic products (that I am SO excited about, have I mentioned that???) then email me at or call me on 0414 444 150.

I will have a blog especially for Your Inspiration At Home very soon but just wanted to share it with you here first.

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  1. I will book a tasting, I have more friends that like to eat like me too!